Getting Auto Insurance Quotes Online: A Secure or Risky Route to Lower Insurance

The attraction the Internet has for consumers seeking the best possible deals is hard to ignore. Between fast loan approvals, more competitive interest rates, lower insurance premiums and superior coverage, it makes sense to go online. So why not get auto insurance quotes online? Well, there are security issues to consider too.

This is the chief reason why some consumers are hesitant to apply for car insurance cover online. And with the precedents of identity theft that has occurred over the years it is easy to understand why. But with vigilance, giving insurance details online does not have to place anyone at risk.

The idea that some personal information does not need to be provided in any auto insurance form is not untrue, but there are some critical details that must be provided too.

Why Personal Details Are Necessary

Whenever a personal seeks an auto insurance quote online, it is essential that some personal details are provided. After all, the insurance company is unable to reveal the quote if they have no details at all. To that extent, it is impossible for any applicant to provide no details about themselves.

But, the type of information can usually be controlled. For example, while your name, address and age might be needed, it may not be necessary to provide information on income and precise job description. Remember, that any insurance details online must be relative to the issue of insuring the automobile in question.

However, it is important to note that when some optional information asked for in the auto insurance form is not provided, that is can affect the quote. Usually this means a higher price, so it is a good idea to include those details if the site looks to be safe.

Security of Online Applications

There is no denying that there are security concerns when it comes to sharing information over the Internet. When that information is personal or financial, then there is an understandably highly level of concern. It is no different when getting auto insurance quotes online, with the insurance company seeking details via their online application form.

However, there have been great strides made in online application security, and every site user should know the key signs to look for to indicate if the site is safe or not. For a start, when giving insurance details online always check that the page the information is being placed on has a URL that starts with https, not the usual http.

Other aspects to look for are the VeriSign insignia, the BBB site link, the small padlock icon either in the URL box or in the top or bottom corner of the site page. There are several signs to seek before applying for auto insurance policies online.

Know the Insurance Company

When it doubt, stick to the insurance company that is known and trusted. This might mean that an excellent policy is lost out on, but in the scheme of things, if your information is stolen while getting auto insurance quotes online, it can be more costly than a higher premium would be. So, selecting a trusted company is a key part of ensuring your information is kept safe.

Also, if it is possible to contact the company first, by emailing, chatting or calling them, do so. This can ensure that when giving insurance details online, the company can allay fears. Ask about security and whether there have been any issues in recent months. Then, when fully satisfied, complete the auto insurance form.